subota, 18. siječnja 2014.

Mimosa Day

Announcing  the International Cervical Cancer Week, suitable leaflet and a mimosa branch were given to all women that came to the promotion booth. How nice. Today is Croatian national day of cervical cancer prevention and is called The Mimosa day. Every year about this time, numerous Mimosa trees along the coast in south Croatia are in fool bloom. Every year we on the continent get some of these lovely branches, especially on this particular day.

Mimosa and willow catkins I picked up yesterday, two real spring heralds.

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  1. We don't have a special day for cervical cancer and as a victim of the disease (many years ago) I think it is beautiful to give out mimosa branches. Do you grow mimosa, Vesna. Take care. P. x

    1. No Pam, I don't grow Mimosa. The part of Croatia where I live is too cold for it.


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